Sunday, November 1, 2009

Return To Blogging

Facebook, of all things, has inspired me to get back into blogging my political/philosophical/religious thoughts. Or you could say that Facebook's inherent inadequacies have done so: many times I've wanted to link to something, post a thought, or engage in long-form discussion, only to find that the format really doesn't permit anything as lengthy as I wanted. So here I am.

If anything, I plan to use this site to continue to explore my dissatisfaction with two things: the current absymal state of our country's political discourse and the current (woefully) absymal state of so-called "conservatism." I am tempermentally quite conservative, yet neither the GOP nor the conservative establishment has my intellectual allegiance. Yet this hardly makes me a liberal/progressive or a Democrat. I suspect I am not alone in this.

At the very least, the posts to follow will help me 'get it out of my system' by providing an online outlet for my dissatisfaction. But my modest hope is for something a little more; perhaps we all can have the sort of reasoned discussions that we don't get to see in the media!

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